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Chief Financial Officers

Unleash your Potential, your Leadership

Facing Stress or Burnout

Joël Jégo • Executive coaching

Coaching for Lawyers

The experience of a Certified Coach and former Chief Financial Officer

You are the expert in praticien law. Become more successful, develop your law firm with the input of a Certified Coach and Experienced Executive specialised in coaching for lawyers.

Pour avoir été pendant 15 ans Directeur Financier, en France et à l’International, j’ai collaboré étroitement avec de nombreux avocats au cours des projets de fusions-acquisitions ainsi que certaines restructurations que j’ai piloté. C’est ainsi que j’ai expérimenté la relation client-avocat et développé ma connaissance des challenges et défis de la profession d’avocat.

Au delà de votre expertise juridique, je vous aide à développer vos compétences business et vos talents comportementaux, qui sont les clés de votre réussite dans votre carrière d’avocat. …

Coaching in order to boost your Potential, your Leadership

Whether you are an executive or a professional, Active Transition supports you to unleash your own potentiel, always with the goal of achieving the desired performance and success, as well as successfully responding to the challenges you face in your professional life. Calling on someone, experienced and independent, who understands your issues and challenges, is a great way to invest in your own  development.

I propose you a coaching in order to develop your full potential, your leadership with a support that can be done at two levels in order to move faster towards your goals. …

Coaching for Chiefs Financial Officers

15 years experience acting as CFO

Become more Successful. Respond better to your Challenges. Move faster towards your Goals with the support of a Certified Coach and Experienced Chief Financial Officer.

Calling on someone, experienced and independent, who experienced this, who understands your issues and challenges, is a great way to invest in your own development or that of your key associates.

I propose you a coaching for chief financial officers that will allow you develop your behavioral talents and to take a step back in relation to professional situations  which are familiar to me. …

Facing Stress or Burnout…

Do you suffer from one or more of the following symptoms?


Negative Thoughts?

They contribute to a lack of self-confidence, low self-esteem. They drag you into doubt, fear. You judge yourself permanently, …

Ubiquitous Thoughts?

They prevent you from acting (procrastination). You are either in the past or in the future, and you are unable to appreciate what is good in the present moment.

Emotional Symptoms

Increased sensitivity or nervousness, fits of tears or hysterics, anxiety, sadness, uneasy feeling…

Intellectual Symptoms

Disturbance of concentration (errors, omissions), difficulties to take initiatives…

Physical Symptoms

Pains (headache, muscles aches, joint ache, colic, etc.), sleep disorders, appetite and  digestion disorders, unusual sweats…

Some Coach’s Advices

Find out some practical articles in which you will find recommendations, tips that I often use during my individual coaching sessions.

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